Moving With Special Education Services

 Moving is a stressful event. In fact, it can be one of the most stressful events in your life. It involves physical, emotional and mental stressors that may be related to the packing and preparation stages of the relocation process. It entails finding an appropriate place to stay while you move your belongings, pack your things and putting them in storage, transporting them to your new destination, unpacking and keeping them until you eventually move to your new place. There are even times when you have to contend with unruly neighbors or some other unexpected situations.

      You might ask yourself, though, if it is possible for me to move to my new location with only minimal assistance. Is it possible for me to relocate on my own? Can I hire movers and packers and do my own transporting and putting my belongings in storage? If you meet all the eligibility requirements, moving on your own can be very easy. If you want to know more about relocating on your own, then read on.

      The statistics on the number of people who move across state lines or from city to city in their lifetime are quite astonishing. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American moving scene survey, almost 45 percent of the American population has at least one cross-state move in their lifetime. Some people move from smaller cities in the Northeast to larger cities in the west or from major metropolitan areas to surrounding rural communities.

       There are many different reasons why people decide to move. Some people move to a new school district, or to another neighborhood. Other people do so because they want to be closer to relatives or friends. Still others do so because the current school district is not providing their child with the type of education that they need or want. Still others do not wish to enroll their children in the new school district, but would rather move to another community because of a better school system, nicer locale, or more opportunities for recreational activities.

    Many school districts require relocation assistance when moving a student from one school to another. A moving assistance specialist will often meet with a parent and child to make sure that the student will have no problems in moving, since many moving assistance specialists specialize in helping families with special education needs or older children moving from a new state to a new state with special education. Special education programs are often established by the state to help those with disabilities to get an education that is not restricted by a child’s current condition or by a child’s home environment.

     Moving often is not easy for parents or students, but it is important to remember that moving can be less stressful if parents use special education services while making preparations. Some of the things that parents should take with them while preparing for the move include: immunization records, immunization appointments, progress notes, immunized bus pass/visitor’s insurance information, special education records, medical records, and other forms of information that may be required. This information should also be copied elsewhere. If a parent does not have all of this information when moving, they should call their local school district to make sure that they will need to provide all of this information when moving to a new state.